Chaz & ThePaddy

Social Media Influencers

This cheeky and passionate due are so infectious, you can’t help but love them. Chaz and The Paddy came together initially to cover the 2016 European Championships in France, focussing mainly on the home nation teams, they were thrust into the public domain with a live radio interview on the world’s leading sport radio station; TalkSport and featured on Hawkesbee and Jacobs where they shared their ambitious plans for the tournament, which they made a reality with listeners helping them along their journey.

Lets not forget what made them a hit in France, we followed their journey driving the infamous Chaz and The Paddy – London black taxi over from London to Paris and then on to games in Marseille, Paris, Lens and Saint Etienne, racking up well over 4,000km in the process. The journey wasn’t without incident, the duo witnessed firsthand flash points and fan trouble in Marseille including terrified eye witness accounts, they also bought us live fan interviews in the stadiums, the taxi, the fan parks and on the streets of Bastille, they followed that up by interviewing former Arsenal Stars Ian Wright, Alan Smith and the voice of FIFA Martin Tyler to name but a few.