Andrew Henderson

Football Freestyler | Social Influencer

Andrew is the reigning World Champion in Football Freestyle and the UK`s freestyle champion for the last 6 years running. He grew up in Cornwall with an incredible passion for sport. A horrific leg break, did not deter Andrew from sport – but rather fueled his desire to succeed. Andrew’s consistency, raw talent and strict training regimen allowed him to win 4 world titles and numerous other competitions making him the most successful freestyle footballer to have ever lived. As well as all of his championship titles, Andrew is a guinness world record holder, has performed in over 50 countries for brands such as Nike, Emirates , Nivea , Poker Stars, T mobile , Peugeot , Redbull , Beats by dre etc and has become the global ambassador for the sport of freestyle. He has been the star of many TV commercials and has even received a standing ovation from Royalty. Andrew has worked along side some of the worlds top football players such David Beckham , Neymar Jr , Lionel Messi , Ronaldo , Cafu , Zidane etc .